Data di iscrizione: 4 set 2022

Chi sono

- What is it like? Cut down all the trees in the area and pour sand?

- No, well, there is service, entertainment, so that the waitresses are only wrapped in towels - and nothing more

- This is great! When did he promise to give you money? - I began to sneak up on the main theme, playing with it like a cat with a mouse.

- At first he said that we would repair the floors in that apartment so that there would be no traces left. Then - as soon as we bang you.

- I see, Lyosha, listen here. I shifted the gun to my other hand. - I'm ready to forget about the murder of Alekseev and about your rudeness towards me, do you want?

- What I should do? Oddly enough, he was interested in my words.



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